CCTV / IP Systems

CCTV / IP Systems

CCTV solutions , or video surveillance solutions, are now considered to be an integral part of most security systems solutions. ExpertAims Security provides design, installation, service - and integration - of CCTV solutions, including all key video systems components and concepts:

CCTV cameras (including IP, infrared, low-light, pinhole, waterproof, mini, dome)

DVRs (digital video recorders)

CCTV towers and columns

CCTV telemetry systems

Networked CCTV transmission (IP CCTV transmission)

Wireless CCTV systems

Software systems for CCTV control, CCTV management & CCTV diagnostics

ExpertAims Security CCTV solutions may simply be required to provide the video surveillance support for an on-site security monitoring team;or they may be part of a remote, multi-site monitoring requirement demanding the likes of high volume digital video recording/archiving, intruder motion detection and ANPR based access control.

ExpertAims Security can provide interior and exterior video surveillance solutions that range in size from centrally monitored, total corporate systems (fully-networked with dedicated fibre optic backbones) to PC-controlled, IP-based, stand-alone remote access verifiers.

ExpertAims Security has extensive knowledge in the design and installation of proven IP technology based video solutions to work efficiently within corporate LAN (Local Area Networks) and WAN (Wide Area Networks) environments.

In order to deliver ExpertAims customers with the most cost effective solutions, designs will be tailored to utilize existing IT networks and minimize additional cabling costs.

ExpertAims Security systems are engineered to maintain and maximize network performance throughout a clients' site and are guaranteed to operate efficiently at all times.

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