E- Commerce

E- Commerce

E-commerce web site and shopping is a lucrative business. ExpertAims will help you to develop a successful E-commerce business platform.

We build ecommerce websites, ecommerce shopping cart, ecommerce store front & custom ecommerce websites that turn your visitors into customers. Providing proper planning and a scalable architecture, we design your ecommerce site to accommodate additional requirements, features and functionality needs that may arise.

Our E-commerce solutions are designed with security and your goals in mind. We can customize an off-the-shelf product or develop an entire application for your site.

Ecommerce gives your business the interactive ability to place goods and services on the Internet where the customer can search, select and purchase products online instantly. There are huge benefits in Ecommerce.

It opens a whole new distribution channel, accessing new customers, with new products and services. Unlike conventional retail it has virtually no overheads. It offers global reach enabling your business to become an International company not-to-mention accessing remote areas in this country alone.

There is a wide range of Ecommerce solutions now, to suit every size of business, and budget.

The external customer access point that allows customers to log in and track an order, view history, etc.

Internal admin console, used to configure/manage your entire site

Product editor,Orders editor,Shipping editor and Taxes editor

We'll build a fully functional web store loaded with many features that allow you to successfully manage and operate your business. That includes:

Unlimited number of items,Unlimited categories (Unlimited sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc. Images and icons supported)

Built-in search engine

Full SSL security/ Database security

Real-time payment processing (to accept and authorize credit cards)