Mobile Application Development

To keep pace with contemporary trends in mobile application development, one has to have the expertise of dealing with different mobile platforms and solution frameworks. To our pride, we possess these proficiencies wherein we develop mobile applications in cross-platform environment.

Our services extend to mobile apps development for iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, BlackBerry and Android platforms. Our strength is in our team of powerhouses, which is a combination of ingenious skills and excellent programming. We take pride in fulfilling the commitments made to our customers.

With the mobile apps developed by us you can expect various features such as speed, convenience and prompt access, which generate immense popularity for your services and/or products.

ExpertAims designs for the most prolific mobile platforms, including the Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry. We focus on putting your brand into the hands and on the handsets of your audience, to ensure that your message hits its mark.

Our mobile app development process includes not only the design and development of award-winning apps, but also a consultative front-end, and a back-end of maintenance and support.

ExpertAims's reliable hosting service offers our clients the flexibility of having us manage their data for content-heavy apps

5 Steps to a Successful Mobile Development with ExpertAims

Here is how ExpertAims mobile development team will walk you through your mobile project and help you launch the app that you have in mind to gain traction with mobile users and optimize your business performance:

Discovery - Investigating the mobile landscape and the particular domain niche before taking on the development of your mobile app is half of your successful foray into the mobile ecosystem. The ExpertAims developer's team will assist you with assessing the opportunities and risks for your company, associated with your venture and help you make your mobile app a success, keeping end-users, stakeholders and your business in mind!

Planning & Prototyping - After getting the clear idea of your solution-to-be, ExpertAims will produce the required documentation and other tangibles (PRD, prototypes and interactive mockups, development options, including API integrations, client-server architectures, third-party implementations, etc.), which will serve as a premise for further development, allow you to prove your concept and envision future scalability of your mobile app.

Deployment & Testing - Armed with pre-development deliverables, ExpertAims team of iOS, Android developers, Windows Phone and BlackBerry professionals will set to translating documented requirements into a compelling mobile solution that you conceived; while our QA team will make sure that it performs flawlessly across a variety of target devices with different form factors and provides the same great UX at the myriad of mobile viewports.

Completion - With your mobile app ready to go live ExpertAims will secure your efforts by deploying it into your IT infrastructure and assisting you with its release to app stores, so that you can start taking advantage of your mobile plans.

Analysis & Optimization - The final step would be to evaluate your mobile app performance, get feedback from users and spot new opportunities to grasp and make use of. ExpertAims will analyze with you the possibilities to enhance your mobile solution and set up an iterative optimization process to amaze your users and nurture their loyalty with a set of new functionality, rolled out steadily.