Data Center Solutions

We deliver the resources, insight and experience to help you navigate through the complexity of data center planning, design and migration. From data center strategy development through site selection, implementation and migration

Our consultative approach aligns your data center environment with the overall business needs of the organization:

Data Center Strategy Development

Data Center Assessment & Benchmarking

Data Center Planning & Design

Data Center Project Management

Data Center Migration Management

ExpertAims's Data Centre Services bring a wealth of capabilities to your business. Our flexible and affordable IT infrastructure solutions help you satisfy the most extreme demands, while giving you the freedom to plan effectively for the future. Whether you're looking to design and build your own data centre from the ground up at your site, or lease the resources you need on a predictable, affordable basis, we have a solution to suit you.

Because we are a data center customer as well as a provider, we understand the critical role they play in everyday operations. Our solutions are built around business efficiency, through award-winning and agile processes that optimize performance, save energy and reduce upfront cost.

Our data centers are constructed to your unique specification, and available with flexible options that suit your needs, today and in the future. What's more, we have immediate availability in locations all over Middle East and Asia and can deliver a complete data center to your site in just four months