Windows Application Development

Windows Application Development

Windows is now more than just the dominant force on the desktop market. First Microsoft put out feelers with its redesigned Windows Mobile platform and targeted consumers with the Metro UI in its first Windows Phone version.

Now the company has entered the mobile space in a big way, totally reshaping its mobile strategy – Windows Phone 8 and the brand-new Windows 8 for tablets offer tons of exciting features under the hood.

Windows Phone Development and Windows 8 Development:

As Microsoft combines fidelity to tradition with a reimagined computing experience, ExpertAims has the team to help you keep up. Our Windows Phone developers offer a mature development tradition and bright innovative minds:

DEEP INTEGRATION AND SHARING – content creation Zune and Xbox Live, Nokia maps, SkyDrive in the cloud, app hubs like People, Pictures, Video and Music , and much more

RICH ENTERPRISE MOBILITY – Our dedicated (not just consumption!) with both touch screen and keyboard input, handy tablet kickstands, easy multitasking, BitLocker encryption and private marketplaces.

A NEW UI – customizable Start Screen with Live Tiles, Metro design and typography, semantic zoom, action menu, handy app grouping and notifications

UNIFORMITY AND COMPATIBILITY – with Microsoft's unification of desktop, phone and tablet UIs , developers can easily cater to all three devices with just some minor tweaks for each of them